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1989 - ryan adams


*Another issue with this page, or please add another with the real album.* 1989 by Taylor Swift: 6.61 Welcome To New York: 1 Blank Space: 0.25 Style: 1 :) Out Of The Woods: 0.75 All You Had To Do Was Stay: 1 :) Shake It Off: 0.75 I Wish You Would: 1 :) Bad Blood: 1 :) Wildest Dreams: 1 How You Get The Girl: 1 :) This Love: 0.5 I Know Places: 0.75 Clean: 0.5 Wonderland: 1 :) You Are In Love: 0.5 New Romantics: 1 :) 13/16 ~ .813 -> 6.61 Honestly, for some reason I always thought this was a bad album, labeling it as such because if a few songs in this album I really didn’t like. Upon listening to this album further, I actually really liked Welcome To New York and Shake It Off, though I still wasn’t crazy about Blank Space (I still found that track mildly offensive). I was delighted to find that there are, in fact, a lot of really good and catchy songs in 1989. Swift’s lyric writing is still top notch, and none of her musicality is lost when transitioning to more poppy and technological territory. I’m not a big fan of techno, but Taylor Swift incorporates the synths and electronic drums into her songs so well and so uniquely that it makes it still fun to listen to, even if it could be considered a step backwards from her country/rock-ish stuff in her previous work. My only beef with 1989 was that This Love was just kinda bland musically and that the riff in Clean resembled very closely two U2 songs that I really like. Clean wasn’t necessarily a bad song, but it was odd how close it sounded to those other songs. That being said, 1989 is a really good album and Taylor Swift fans will love it. Highlights: Welcome To New York, Style, All You Had To Do Was Stay, I Wish You Would, Bad Blood, Wildest Dreams, How You Get The Girl, Wonderland, and New Romantics.

yeezus - kanye west


An ok experimental album

friends that break your heart - james blake


Love hearing new music from James Blake.